Would that all were prophets

Our most recent sermon series, Would that all were prophets, is based on the words of Moses in Number 11:29 when the people asked him to stop two others prophesying. Moses' response was the title for the series...

We looked not so much at what the prophets had to say (although that was relevant too) but more of who they were, what situations they prophesied into and are they like us? What lessons can we learn from them about speaking God's word today?

The series began just before lockdown.  We start with an audio recording of a live sermon, the introduction from Chris Hicken who set the scene for the rest of the series. After that our services were pre-recorded online services. All of the sermons are captured below on a YouTube playlist.

We hope that you will find these helpful in exploring what it is to receive and speak God's word to his church and his world today.

An Introduction by Chris Hickin

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Also look out for talks for children on the same topics - one series for 0-4 and another for 5-10. Coming soon....

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