My Rotas and Unavailability 


Have you explored the menu in MyChurchSuite?

Are you on one of the church rotas?

My Rotas can be found in the list in the menu in MyChurchSuite

My Rotas will only be visible to those who are on one of the published church rotas. 

Screenshot 20200805-195948 Chu

Rotas are read-only to rota members, although a rota member can add unavailability and process a swap so you can manage a swap yourself on the app and it automatically updates for everyone.

gen Screenshot 20200805-200421

The My Rotas section helpfully shows you when you are Next Serving and it is also the place for you to add your unavailability.

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Rota members can add unavailability for themselves and also for any linked family members.

It is really helpful if you can add your unavailability as soon as you know it so that I can avoid adding you to the rota for that date.

all rotas 2 Screenshot 2020080

You will also be able to see the All Rotas page; which shows all rotas for a given date. A bit like when you could check our previous rota pdf file or the printed version.

If a person's name appears in red and crossed out it means they are not available on that particular date. This is not as important whilst we are pre-recording the services but it will be when services take place in church.

Let me know if you have any other questions.