Baptism (or "Christening") is a very special part of the services at Christ Church where people of all ages are initiated and welcomed into the church of Christ. God does an amazing thing during baptism and welcomes us into access to his Kingdom. We need to prepare ourselves by making some commitments that need to be considered before coming to baptism.


If you live in the parish of Christ Church you have a right to be baptised here. All we ask is that you undertake some preparation to ensure that you are ready, either as a believer that can take the vows yourself or as parents or carers on behalf of a younger child.



If now is not the right time for a baptism then you might want to consider a thanksgiving service or maybe the dedication of a child to God.


To help you decide, please read through the following leaflet and contact us using the following application form. To make an initial enquiry just e-mail the office on


Since baptism is in part about becoming a member of Christ's church, we normally would ask you to come to services at Christ Church and we can start to explore the route to baptism and if it is right for you or your child.