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 Christians Against Poverty (CAP) are a national organisation with the following objective:

             always hope.                                               

 “We are on a mission to release thousands of families from grinding poverty through     award winning debt counselling and community groups. By equipping and empowering local churches to reach out on their doorsteps, we’re bringing hope to tens of thousands of people every year”


CAP Debt Help - This is an appointment only service by ringing the CAP head office in Bradford on 0800 328 0006. Clients are visited in the privacy of their own home to discuss their finances in detail, establish a budget and work towards a real long-term solution to your debts.
This local provision was through the CAP Debt Centre where Old Lodge Lane Baptist Church partnered with CAP. This is currently temporarily closed.
The following services are currently provided in our area:

CAP Job Club -  This comprises an 8 week course to help those struggling to find employment. Run by a team of trained coaches who help people to gain confidence and practical skills to help them in their job search. Purley Baptist Church is the partner for this service.

CAP Life Skills -  Run also as a course which focuses on how to thrive on a low income. Key areas covered are healthy eating, budgeting, energy efficiencies and healthy relationships. Christ Church is the partner for this service.

CAP Money -  A 3 week course which helps people learn how to control their finances better so you can budget, save and prevent debt.  Purley Baptist Church is the partner for this service.
CAP Croydon South is a separate charity to raise funds to help the partner churches run the CAP services in our area.


For more information have a look at the website or contact


Christ Church Rep: Lola Bejide

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