SplogTeam Application: To Planet
 SPLOG and beyond!


Compulsory Training day

Saturday 15th August 10am - 4pm (EVERYONE)

Please note:  All roles on site will be subject to a clear DBS disclosure and possible references.

The information given on this form may be entered onto a computer database belonging to Christ Church Purley.

First Name  
Home phone number  
Mobile phone number  
Age on Monday 17th August 2020   13 yrs         
    14 yrs         
    15-17 yrs  
    18+ yrs      
Emergency contact name  
Emergency contact phone number  
Relevant medical information and allergies  
In case of medical need, I give permission for a qualified First Aider to administer
First Aid                                                   
  Yes       No 

To apply for a place on the team, simply tick the role(s) you wish to be considered for and submit this application form by Sunday 15th March 2020.

If you would like more information, please do not hesitate to contact Jude on jude@christchurchpurley.org.uk

ART TEAM   Help create, develop, make and paint the scenery, props and more! (Prior to event)  
BASE LEADER   Lead and supervise a small group of children with teaching, prayer and crafts. DBS required  
ASSISTANT BASE LEADER   Help assist leading a small group of children with crafts, tasks and discovering the bible. DBS required  
CAR PARK ATTENDANT   Supervise and direct drivers and families in a cheerful and organised manner! DBS required  
CRAFT ASSISTANT   Assist in preparing craft resources and templates. (Prior to event)  
DRAMA TEAM   Present our daily ‘panto’ sketch through prior rehearsal and preparation. DBS required  
REFRESHMENT TEAM   Prepare and cook refreshments for team (Breakfast & Lunch) and children (snack) DBS required  
ROOM ORGANISER   Organise, set-up and prepare all resources for each huddle group daily. DBS required  
MINI CLUB LEADER 13+   Welcome, supervise and assist with Toddler activities, refreshments and chat to parents. DBS required  
TECHNICAL TEAM   Supervise AV and Sound daily.  DBS required  
UPFRONT TEAM   Lead, present and teach theme each day.  DBS required  
WELCOME TEAM   Register, supervise and monitor safe arrival/dismissal of children. DBS required  
WORSHIP TEAM   Lead children and adults in worship daily.  DBS required  
    I give permission for me to be photographed/videoed for church publicity 
(including the church website)                                                              Yes / No
    I understand that some roles are subject to DBS clearance and references will be sought.                          Yes/No
    I understand that we have one training day that I must attend:  Saturday 15th August 10am - 4pm                       Yes/No  
FIRST AID   Are you first aid trained?                Yes/No  
FIRST AIDER   Would you be willing to be our first aider?  DBS & current FA certificate required         Yes/No  
    Yes please, I would like to receive communications by email     
    Yes please, I would like to receive communications by telephone     
    Yes please, I would like to receive communications by mobile phone including text message     
    Yes please, I would like to receive communications by social media (Whatsapp)     
    If you no longer wish to receive the communications please email the office on office@christchurchpurley.org.uk to opt out at any time.