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Morning Worship

31st May 2020

A very warm welcome to our service this morning!

There are two services below - SERVICE, FAMILY WORSHIP (including the under 10s). There is no separate YOUTH service this week.
Service   childrens worship  


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You are invited to follow one service, mix and match or choose a service and engage children with the activities below. The choice is yours!

May the Lord bless you and his face shine upon you. God is for you! Amen. Services


If you would like someone to pray with you, to share what God has being doing for you or just to make contact please:

            vicar@christchurchpurley.org.uk or

    Christ Church Purley Vicar on Facebook Messenger or

            07704 328538
Click here for sermon notes and click here for the text of the prayers. You may want to print these off and post/deliver them to those you know who do not have access to the online content. 

On the 9am service page you will find links to Pentecost messages from both Bishop Christopher, Bishop of Southwark and Bishop Jonathan, Bishop of Croydon.

Children's and Family resources.

 Download the response activity here.

Doug McHardie, 31/05/2020