Spiritual Habits for ordinary people

DATE   Click in this column to listen   Speaker  
11/09/16   Study and scripture   Simon Stocks  
18/09/16   Prayer and meditation   Charles Trefusis  
16/10/16   Confession   Damian Luke  
23/10/16   Fasting today   Steve Bishop  
30/10/16   Christian service   Charles Trefusis  
06/11/16   Solitude and simplicity   Dianne Watts  
04/12/16   Active Worship   Charles Trefusis  
11/12/16   Guidance   Simon Stocks  

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Guidance (download)
Simon Stocks, 11/12/2016
Active Worship (download)
Charles Trefusis, 04/12/2016
Solitude and simplicity (download)
Dianne Watts, 06/11/2016
Christian Service (download)
Charles Trefusis, 30/10/2016
Fasting today (download)
Steve Bishop, 23/10/2016
Confession (download)
Damian Luke, 16/10/2016
Prayer and meditation (download)
Charles Trefusis, 18/09/2016
Study and scripture (download)
Simon Stocks, 11/09/2016